Driveway Repair

Driveway Repair

Driveway Repair


Driveway Repair – Over time block paving can become rutted sue to the amount of traffic in certain areas, predominantly due to car tyres supporting the weight of the car. If the original job was not up to scratch, paving lines can start to come loose and the edges fall away due to improper preparation and concreting.

Step 1Driveway Repair

Dealing with a rut (dip) in the paving is to see where exactly it runs to and from and to rip up blocks to about a foot wide perimeter around the rut as show.

Step 2block3

Here we will be filling it with sand and then compacting it with a vibration plate as seen to the left and to the right here

Step 3block2

Then we screed off the compacted sand with thatof the same level as the untouched foot wide perimeter we talked about earlier

Once the sand is at it’s required level you can begin to relay the blocks in as were before, then once they are in place use the vibratory plate to compact them down flush with the rest of your blocks.



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Driveway RepairDriveway Repair





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Driveway Repair

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