Reverse Graffiti

Reverse Graffiti

Reverse Graffiti – Advertising Campaigns

Reverse Graffiti – Highly Effective Guerilla Marketing Campaigns. This “Clean Graffiti” is up and coming way to promote your business and is environmentally friendly. 

Get Your Logo Out There

First we take your brand, logo, slogan etc and have it cut into a stencil. We then find some dirty paving, usually in high footfall areas and pressure clean said area with high pressure water. It’s a unique way of marketing by boosting your awareness and is cost effective.

We only use high pressure water “NO CHEMICALS”. Our equipment is easily transported wherever you need it to be. Depending on the type of surface, street cleaners, footfall traffic etc. the time it lasts will vary from one to six months.

  • Highly effective marketing
  • Evironmentally friendly
  •  Cost effective
Reverse Graffiti

Reverse Graffiti Costing

A 1m x 1m re-usable aluminium stencil is produced and will cost £100.

We can alter size of course to your specification and will store this for you Free of charge, however should you wish to use it for future campaigns you can collect this or arrange your own postage at your own cost.

Add number of impressions…

20 Stencil Impressions in your designated areas (subject to suitability) would cost just £400

20 is the minimum for this service and there is NO maximum!
30 Impressions – £500
50 £750
100 – £1300

  • Can we choose the locations?
    Yes absolutely, we will try to accommodate your needs although sometimes said area may not be suitable for “reverse graffiti”. The surface may be too greasy, too clean, not the right paving etc. We use Goolge maps to look at the area first to see what exactly we are dealing with. Feel free to use this method yourself as it is a very useful tool.
  • What are you payment terms?
    We require 50% of the fee upfront and the balance within 14 days after completion of your campaign. Payments are accepted via Cheques, BACS or Paypal.
  • How much notice do you need?
    From the moment the deposit and artwork is received we can have your campaign completed within 2 weeks.
  • What type of file should the artwork be?
    It’s best to send in pdf or higher quality.
  • What changes do you make to the artwork?
    To transform your artwork to a stencil we’ll need to add in ‘Bridges’. For example the letters ‘O’, ‘D’ and ‘P’ would need bridges, as would lowercase letters like ‘e’ and ‘g’.
  • Which areas do you cover?
    We cover the the UK




All works are fully insured by Gleaming Insurance


Reverse Graffiti

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